How do I download on my iPhone or iPad?
You can now download MP3 files directly to your iOS device by downloading and using the Documents App.  Once you download the app, use the Documents web browser to open the message download page on Jarronconeal.com.  Within the Documents browser you can download, store and listen to the message without going to iTunes.  Please view this video tutorial on setting up and using Documents App to download the message on an iPad ( icons on iPhone app is slightly different but the same process).

How do I sign up for the monthly club?

Go to the "Download Club" link in the menu bar. Type in your name and email address and click the submit. It will redirect you to a new website, select "Add to Cart" and review your purchase. If you want to add other messages or sermon series to your cart. Then, click "Checkout," choose your payment (PayPal, debit, or credit). After payment has gone through, you will receive an email with details regarding your purchase.

Can I purchase multiple messages and/or series in one easy payment?

Yes, simply click the blue button with the price located to the left of the message or series. You can navigate throughout the website and the "Checkout Cart" will be located at the top of the page. When you are ready to pay click "Checkout" and follow the payment options from there.

What happens if I purchase a series in progress before it is completed?

When you purchase a series that is currently in progress rest assured you will be emailed a link to each additional upcoming message until the series is complete.  Example: You purchased "Current Series Now" today with 5 messages (Pt. 1-5).  The series will go another 5 weeks.  You will receive an email with a link to "Current Series Now Pt. 6" the following Sunday and another email to Pt. 7 the next Sunday and so on until the "Current Series Now" is finished.

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